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Music by Gairin Celtic Music


Ramblin Irishman CD & Sheet Music

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Ramblin Irishman CD and Scores on CD

Irish Music Book CD Set Ramblin Irishman Traditional Celtic Sing and Play Along

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23 Celtic Music Scores from Scotland, Ireland and Wales plus Gairin's CD

Gairin duo makes music for listeners who appreciate beautiful vocal harmonizations and polyphonic voices that ring together with traditional instruments. On the CD, Gairin performs traditional songs and includes their score book, exactly as performed on the CD "Ramblin' Irishman. Plus, the book, which is on a CD included with this music CD, contains much more! 23 Music Scores Originally from the Celtic countries of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Beautifully scored, with melody and harmony lines and chords. We send you the .pdf file of the book on a CD, so you can print it out and play along with the audio CD. Since the sheet music in the book includes all the instrument and vocal parts as done on this CD, including the harmonies, tune, chords and everything you need to play along with Gairin, you can play along with Gairin. Or, start your own Celtic band with these "most popular" songs and tunes! See the images for a few sample pages.

Contents of the Music Book .pdf

1 Ramblin' Irishman (trad. Ireland)
2 The Ploughman (trad. Scotland)
3 Planxty Irwin (trad. Ireland)
4 Planxty Hewlett (trad. Ireland)
5 Down by the Salley Gardens (trad. Wales)
6 Si Do Mhammo I (She's Your Granny) (trad. Ireland)
7 The Jug of Punch (trad. Ireland)
8 Galway Races (trad. Ireland)
9 The Road to Lisdonvarna (trad. Ireland)
10 Sorry the Day I Was Married (trad. England faux Irish)
11 Tar Road to Sligo (trad. Ireland)
12 Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie (trad. Scotland)
13 The Parting Glass (trad. Ireland)

More Celtic Music Scores in the Book:

14 Adieu Dundee (trad. Scotland)
15 Wild Mountain Thyme (trad. Ireland)
16 The Minstrel Boy (trad. Ireland)
17 The Ash Grove (trad. Wales)
18 The Rose of Tralee (trad. Ireland)
19 Danny Boy (trad. Ireland)
20 Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder? (trad. Ireland)
21 Tom's Chowder (by Tom Aufrance)
22 Mary Kay's Polka (by Mary Kay Aufrance)
23 The Bells of Ireland (by Mary Kay Aufrance)

Ramblin' Irishman CD by Gairin - Tom and Mary Kay Aufrance

First Edition Professional Quality Pressed Glass Cut Replication Processed CD & The Scores! Play Along! When you buy this CD we include FREE the companion Ramblin Irishman Book of scores on .pdf file on CD.

NEW - In original packaging - Signed by the musicians!

This CD is a classic! You will find real gems here from the Celtic Tradition, beautifully done by the Aufrances whose voices blend in unmatched polyphonic harmony, accompanied by Irish bouzouki (octave mandolin), guitar and accordion.

You can listen to the tracks on this CD by searching for Ramblin Irishman by Gairin on Amazon, cdbaby and other music sales websites. Enter Ramblin Irishman by Gairin into Google where you can follow the search results, including Amazon's Sample This Album and other streaming apps.

Ramblin' Irishman Includes:

Favorite Most-Asked-For Celtic tunes, ballads, bar songs, heartfelt ballads and historical music, as well! A little bit of everything Celtic, but with Gairin's own style and vocal harmonies like no other.

Just as Gairin does the music in their shows, you'll hear lovely ballads juxtaposed next to "stompin' through the Scottish moor" music. That's why it's true that if you like Celtic music, you will find something you love on Ramblin' Irishman! A lot of the music came over on the boat from Ireland, Scotland and other Celtic lands. And, Gairin does it like no other, with their unique vocal harmonies that entranced listeners for many years at California Renaissance Festivals, Celtic Festivals and at Irish and Scottish heritage events in California and Nevada. Enjoy Tom's flair on Irish bouzouki, 6 & 12 string guitars and Mary Kay's charming accordion accompaniment.

Track List:

Ramblin' Irishman
The Ploughman
Planxty Irwin/Hewlett - Tune Set
Down by the Sally Gardens
Si Do Mhammo I (She's Your Granny) - Sung in Gaelic
The Jug of Punch
Galway Races / The Road to Listonvarna - Tune Set
Sorry the Day I Was Married
Tar Road to Sligo (Coleman's) - Tune
Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie / Dougie MacLean's Strathspey
The Parting Glass

Label: Aufrance Associates (Independently Published)

ASIN: B013TZ35M2

Average Customer Review: ***** 5 Stars out of 5 Thank You!

This is a "highest quality" Pressed CD:

This is a Pressed, Glass Cut or Replicated Disc. With pressed CDs, the manufacturer takes the master disc and creates a glass master. That glass master is then used to create a nickel stamper and polycarbonate substrates that are metallized. This process produces an exact replication of the original master, so this final product sounds exactly like that master. Therefore, this is "professional grade" - when you purchase a CD that has been released by a record label, it almost certainly is a pressed CD. Therefore, this CD is the highest quality and it is not a home made duplicated copy, duplicated disc, or burned CD.

Item condition: NEW
Catalog Number: GAIRIN4RI2CDS
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