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  • 1931296111
    1931296111 Tahoe Deathfall (An Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller Book 1)
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    Tahoe Deathfall

  • 193129612X
    193129612X Tahoe Blowup (An Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller Book 2)
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    Tahoe Blowup

  • 1931296138
    1931296138 Tahoe Ice Grave (An Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller Book 3)
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    Tahoe Ice Grave

  • 1931296146
    1931296146 Tahoe Killshot (Owen McKenna Mystery Book 4)
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    Tahoe Killshot

  • 1931296154
    1931296154 Tahoe Silence (An Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller Book 5)
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    Tahoe Silence

  • 1931296162
    1931296162 Tahoe Avalanche (An Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller Book 6)
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    Tahoe Avalanche

  • 1931296170
    1931296170 Tahoe Night (An Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller Book 7)
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    Tahoe Night

  • 1931296189
    1931296189 Tahoe Heat (An Owen McKenna Mystery Book 8)
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    Tahoe Heat

  • 1931296197
    1931296197 Tahoe Hijack (An Owen McKenna Mystery Book 9)
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    Tahoe Hijack

  • 1931296200
    1931296200 Tahoe Trap (An Owen McKenna Mystery Book 10)
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    Tahoe Trap

  • 1931296219
    1931296219 Tahoe Chase (An Owen McKenna Mystery Book 11)
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    Tahoe Chase

  • 1931296227
    1931296227 Tahoe Ghost Boat (An Owen McKenna Mystery Book 12)
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    Tahoe Ghost

  • 1931296235
    1931296235 Tahoe Blue Fire (An Owen McKenna Mystery Book 13)
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    Tahoe Blue Fire

  • 1931296243
    1931296243 Tahoe Dark (An Owen McKenna Mystery Book 14)
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    Tahoe Dark

  • B01FZ5JUC8
    B01FZ5JUC8 Owen McKenna Mystery Thrillers (14 Book Series)
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    Owen McKenna Mystery Thrillers

About this Tahoe Artisan: Todd Borg Mystery Author

Todd Borg is Lake Tahoe's Award Winning mystery writer. He is the author of the Tahoe Mystery series, which features Owen McKenna, a former homicide inspector from the San Francisco PD. As the books open, McKenna has quit the police department and moved up to Tahoe to be a private investigator. Like a lot of fictional detectives, McKenna has a sidekick, only his is a 170-pound Harlequin Great Dane named Spot.

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