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How to Get Your Copy:
EPA's Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon

Introduction: This page is part of our series that reveiws the EPA Guide to Radon for Lake Tahoe area homeowners. We really like the EPA Guide, because it is a very comprehensive and easy-to-understand presentation that explains why it's important to test for Radon in your home, and then what to do if you find elevated Radon levels. You can scroll through the pages in our review of the guide by using the navigation links that are lower on this web page.

The EPA Guide has a fantastic set of contacts for getting More Information about Radon. This reference includes Web Sites and Radon Hotlines, State Radon Offices, EPA Regional Offices and more.

Get started learning more about Radon and what to do about it.

Finding out if we have Radon...

Tom views the radon detector

Tom views our Radon detector.

Checking for Radon levels in our home, Tom views our Airthings Corentium Radon Detector. We like this handy device! We purchased our first Airthings Corentium several years ago, even though we did not have high Radon levels in our Lake Tahoe home. Ever since, this little device has been reliable and accurate for making sure we do not have elevated Radon levels in our home and office, wherever we go. You can check it out on Amazon, where you can read other reviews, as well. Go to Airthings on Amazon

Get the EPA Radon Guide

You can get your own hardcopy of this Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon publication by the Environmental Protection Agency. For more information about this helpful and important guide, use the navigation links below.

Home Air Quality Monitors

A Radon detector is only one home monitor that you can use to check the indoor air quality of your home at Lake Tahoe and beyond. Here's a handy link to home air quality monitors and other air quality products.

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