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Our Review of
EPA's Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon
Valid Testing

This page is part of our series of reviews of the Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon. By getting Radon detection and Radon mitigation, you can live more healthfully amidst the beauty of Lake Tahoe.

The EPA gives serious consideration to the need to prevent interference during the Radon testing process.

The guide states, "There is a potential for test interference in real estate transactions." Our reaction to this statement? Is the EPA addressing a possible temptation to game the test, or should we say cheat in order to get a good score? We feel that most likely, nobody should try to tamper with a Radon test, but clumsy or uninformed testing might occur by accident. We think anyone performing a Radon test should know that the results can be easily checked later on, by a homeowner who performs more Radon testing on their own.

This section of the guide does include some tips on how to detect if a test has been become invalidated by improper testing. These are good ideas about things to avoid doing, so you get a valid test. But mainly, following the instructions on your Radon Testing Kit will work in this regard.

This series is provided to inform about Radon at Lake Tahoe and beyond. On each page, you can view more by clicking on one of the navigation links below.

Home Air Quality Monitors

A Radon detector is only one home monitor that you can use to check the indoor air quality of your home at Lake Tahoe and beyond. Here's a handy link to home air quality monitors and other air quality products.

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