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Our Review of
EPA's Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon
About 4 pCi/L

This page is part of our review and summary of the Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon by the Environmental Protection Agency. We have created this series of reviews because the Lake Tahoe area is high in Radon, according to the EPA. By getting Radon detection and Radon mitigation, you can live more healthfully amidst the beauty of Lake Tahoe.

This page of our series adds to the EPA explanation of 4 pCi/l, which is the measurement of Radon talked about a lot in the guide. The EPA Guide presents a lot about the goal of testing, which they say is at least to lower the Radon in homes to below 4 pCi/L. Plus, because there is no known safe level of exposure to Radon (since it's radioactive) EPA also recommends that Americans consider fixing their home for radon levels between 2 pCi/L and 4 pCi/L.

What is pCi/L anyway? It means picocuries per liter of air. So, what's a picocurie? Get ready for a technical explanation, becasue A pCi is a measure of the rate of radioactive decay of Radon. One pCi is one trillionth of a Curie, 0.037 disintegrations per second, or 2.22 disintegrations per minute. Suffice it to say that a picocurie or pCi is super tiny! And the count of picocuries in a liter of air is the way scientists measure how much Radon is in the air. Hence pCi/L or picocuries per liter.

The EPA Guide goes on to explain how scientists know about Radon risks. Estimates of Radon risks are based on data from studies of underground miners who worked in high Radon conditions and got cancer.

This series is provided to inform about Radon at Lake Tahoe and beyond. On each page, you can view more by clicking on one of the navigation links below.

Home Air Quality Monitors

A Radon detector is only one home monitor that you can use to check the indoor air quality of your home at Lake Tahoe and beyond. Here's a handy link to home air quality monitors and other air quality products.

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