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Our Review of
EPA's Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon

EPA Guide to Radon is for all homeowners

The very best time to plan for Radon mitigation is right away during construction. However, there are economical and effective Radon mitigation measures for pre-existing homes.

Welcome to our review of the EPA's guide to Radon. This is a series of pages, presented as a public service, to illuminate Lake Tahoe homeowners who may not know that the Lake Tahoe area is a high Radon area, and what the EPA says to do about the problem of high Radon gas that can build up in homes.

Of all Lake Tahoe areas, South Lake Tahoe has the highest Radon levels, according to the Radon Potential Zone Map for the Lake Tahoe Area, California By Ronald K. Churchill, Ph.D. Wow! Just click on that link and you will find that almost all of South Lake Tahoe has "Very High Potential For Indoor Radon Levels," according to the California Department of Public Health Radon Program.

Hopefully this information is enough to get all who view these pages to have their homes tested for Radon, and install the appropriate Radon mitigation devices in order to protect their health and their property values as well.

This series is provided to inform about Radon at Lake Tahoe and beyond. On each page, you can view more by clicking on one of the navigation links below.

Home Air Quality Monitors

A Radon detector is only one home monitor that you can use to check the indoor air quality of your home at Lake Tahoe and beyond. Since readers of this series have told us they are interested in air quality monitors for a variety of reasons, beyond Radon, here's a handy link to home air quality monitors and other air quality products.

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