Lake Tahoe & Wildflowers of the Sierra Nevadas
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If you love wildflowers and Lake Tahoe, this page is for you. Find your own perfect guide to Lake Tahoe and Sierra Nevada Trees and Wildflowers Enjoy beautiful color images and descriptions of the native and naturalized wildflower species and showy shrubs of the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada, including parts of the Mojave Desert and Great Basin.

Many of these authors have organized the flower species by elevation zone, flower color and petal number. Many features a color header bar, close-up and habitat photographs, a full plant description, name origins, habitat, viewing locations and blooming season.

Pocket guides are great for taking on your trip to Lake Tahoe. Whether you are hiking for a long way up to view alpine flowers, or just taking a short stroll from a roadside rest stop, you can enjoy wildflowers so much more when you have one of these books.

Lake Tahoe wildflowersLake Tahoe wildflower mountain

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